About us

Roots Research Center NGO is a Greek organization that advocates and promotes the rights of children in alternative care and the rights of adult adoptees. It is a member of the Eurochild network and National Coordinator of the Opening Doors Campaign for Europe’s Children.

The organization was founded in 1999 in Athens and originally focused on the rights of adult adoptees and supported their search for their biological roots. The experience gained in this field led the organization to opened up its scope of work towards functions that support deinstitutionalization in Greece. Since 2004 the organization actively promotes the rights of children in alternative care and children in high risk families.

The organizations activities aim to:

  • raise awareness in Greece for the detrimental effects of institutional care on children,
  • introduce evidence based practices in the community, such as foster care,
  • train caregivers and people working in alternative care,
  • educate and
  • counsel parents that have or want to adopt or foster children.

Our actions include:

  • discussions with law makers in order to change the current legislation regarding alternative care in Greece.
  • support and counseling for young people that exit alternative care and
  • educational programs for teenagers living in institutional care on the transition skills necessary to enter adulthood and community living.

Due to limited funding the organization relies mostly on volunteers and passionate members of its board. Three highly trained and experienced people have been working for years in specific key positions of the organization with no pay but a lot of devotion (two of whom are members of the board). The organization recently hired a social worker who works part time. The organization has several outside partners and associates.