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Our main goal in taking part of those conferences is to amplify the voices of adopted people and to raise awareness on de-institutionalization of the child-protection system

Source : Eurochild

Re:think bridges –

“The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Facilitating the Integration of Refugee and Asylum-seeking Children and Caregivers in Europe”

23 January 2024 – Bucharest, Romania

“Re:think bridges” international conference co-organised by Eurochild, the Federation of Non-Governmental Organisations for Children (FONPC) – in partnership with CARE France, the International Council of Voluntary Agencies on the role of civil society organisations in facilitating integration of refugee and asylum-seeking children & caregivers in Europe.

Roots Research Center was represented by Alexandra Stouraiti who presented the topic: Restorative Justice and its practices as a bridge between refugees and locals: a systemic approach

More information :

‘The voice of Adult Adoptees counts’ –

September 29 and 30 2023 – Athens, Greece

The 3rd International Conference organised by Roots Research Center, held in Athens at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute, focused on topics such as identity, the right to citizenship, legal issues of international adoptions, international good practices (restorative justice) and more.

Academics, researchers, experts from the field of Justice, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology and more, as well as experts by experience presented during this conference.

You can watch videos of presentations in english down below and well as more videos in greek on the greek version of this page.

International Children and Adolescents Conference – “New social issues of childhood – the child at the centre of the debate”

Webinar January 26th 2022 

Roots Research Centre participated in the 6th International Children & Adolescents Conference, which aimed to promote an open dialogue on Childhood and Adolescence issues through the intersection of multidisciplinary perspectives and diversified experiences in the region. Based on a participatory approach, in which the audience can and should participate in the discussion, ICCA seeks to promote the intersection of knowledge and expertise in the most diverse fields related to the topic, bringing together researchers, technicians, students and teachers from different disciplines and professional fields, such as Sociology, Psychology, Pediatrics, Education, Social Work, Nutrition, Arts and Sports, among others.

Five successful editions fulfilled the objective of confirming ICCA as a place for knowledge exchange and multiple experiences in relation to the major topic under discussion “New social issues of childhood – the child at the centre of the debate”. Around 500 participants per edition, from all over the world, contributed to the success of this project.

More about the conference : icca.eventqualia

10th Panhellenic Conference of Social Care Units In Aid – “Autonomy and Protection: the Dual Dimension of Welfare Intervention”

18 and 19 October 2021 – Heraklion, Greece

The Research Center Roots Center participated in the 10th Panhellenic Conference of Social Care Units In Aid at the Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion, on the topic: “Autonomy and Protection: the Dual Dimension of Welfare Intervention” which was under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and is held in co-organization with the Region of Crete and the Municipality of Heraklion.

Mary Theodoropoulou presented “Child Guarantee- European Guarantee for Children. What it is and what the programme aims at.”

The aim of the conference is to raise awareness on issues related to the field of social welfare, to update scientific practices and to highlight state interventions in the direction of upgrading the services provided to the vulnerable population, in areas such as deinstitutionalization, adoption and fostering, child protection, protection of the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Links for the 2 days of the Conference 

Monday 18 October 2021 : https://youtube.3PUNhi_OT8A

Tuesday 19 October 2021 : https://youtube.ORJs57NyCbk

Opening doors for Children in Europe

25-26 mai 2017 – Marathon, Greece

The 2nd International Conference organised by Roots Research Center was held in Marathon, with presenters from Greece and abroad.

The Opening Doors for Europe’s Children Campaign recommends to the Greek Government the following actions as a follow-up to the conference:

• Adoption of Deinstitutionalisation Strategy followed by a comprehensive Action Plan that will prioritise the deinstitutionalisation of children younger than 3 years of age, and their placement in alternative family-based care solutions.
• The DI strategy and action plan should foresee the development of services in the community that will support families and children to prevent unnecessary institutionalisation of children and their separation from the parents.
• The elimination of institutional care and the development of quality alternatives for children, including children with disabilities.
• Introduction of quality standards based on internationally recognised child protection guidelines for institutional and alternative care.
• The support of children and young people that leave care and transit into independent living.
• Participation of children should be core in any decision making taking place.

At 37:15 you can listen to the presentation of Tatiana Gorny, an important member of our organisation for 15 years.

Adrian Oros, Board Member of Eurochild, Hope and Homes Romania- 3rd International Conference ‘The voice of adult adoptees counts’ 30/09/2023

Robyn Zalewa – 3rd International Conference ‘The voice of adult adoptees counts’ 30/09/2023

‘Personal Story’ Part 1

Robyn Zalewa – 3rd International Conference ‘The voice of adult adoptees counts’ 30/09/2023

‘Personal Story’ Part 2

Jelle van Sinderen – 3rd International Conference ‘The voice of adult adoptees counts’ 30/09/2023