Restorative Justice

The child welfare system has historically been proven to be deeply oppressive, not only in Greece but internationally, applying practices that were often dictated by political positions and forces. Studying it we see clearly that it was its very structure that allowed such a gap to occur between the primary objective of the best interest of the child, and the system’s practices.

But there is also another way to deal with whatever problems the child-protection system deals with, a way that gives people their voice back, and takes into consideration both the vulnerability and the limited resources of the birth family. A way that allows social services to support families to turn an unsuitable environment into a suitable one, and honors the Right of the Child to express their opinion on the matters that affect them. This way falls under the umbrella term “Restorative Justice”. Restorative Justice aims to repair any harm done in the past, and reconnect the ruptured social fabric.